Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collections/Auctions

The attorneys of Shrader & Goad represent local governments in the collection of delinquent real estate taxes. The collection process is governed by the Code of Virginia under the provisions of Section 58.1-3965, et seq., subject to approval by the Circuit Court.

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Parcels can be redeemed prior to sale by payment in full of accumulated taxes, including penalties and interest, attorney's fee, and costs expended. Redemption of a property by a nonowner does not convey title to the property to the redeemer, nor does redemption alter the status of title to the subject property. Redemption merely prevents the sale of a property.

Parcels not redeemed are auctioned. The sale of each parcel is subject to the approval and confirmation of the Circuit Court. Terms of sale are listed in each auction's notice.

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