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Estate Planning Attorneys In Amherst, Lynchburg, And Nelson

We Can Take The Pain Out Of Your Estate Plan

Many people know they should invest in their futures, yet delay action. Tomorrow often seems like a better time to undertake the work needed to create a long-term estate or elder law plan.

At Shrader & Goad in Amherst, Virginia, we take the pain out of estate planning. Our experienced estate planning lawyers simplify complex financial and personal challenges using a suite of legal tools. Whether you are a young parent in midcareer, an empty nester nearing retirement or the adult child of an elderly person in need of nursing care, our lawyers can help you to create a solid estate plan designed to maximize your assets and preserve your intentions.

Preparing For The Long Term

Contact us today to discuss your options for an estate plan with an attorney. We will discuss with you the basics of estate planning and your options for addressing your specific needs and goals involving:

  • Wills. We can help you to create a last will and testament to determine how your assets will be distributed after your death, as well as establish the identity of the executor to ensure that your will is followed. If your will is out of date, we can help you amend it through a codicil or replacement.
  • Trusts. We can help you legally protect and reserve money for specific purposes, such as nursing home care for an incapacitated spouse or loved one, or a charitable cause. We can help you to create and maintain a family trust, life insurance trust, special needs trust or other trust vehicle, as well as appoint the person(s) who will serve as your trustee(s).
  • Power of attorney. We can draft powers of attorney that assign specific duties to specific individuals. Duties that can be assigned through a power of attorney may include paying your bills and making health care decisions if you are no longer able to do so. Available options include durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, business powers of attorney and limited powers of attorney such as those for real estate.
  • Estate administration. We can help you appoint an executor to oversee the disposition of your assets after your death. Our law office advises and assists estate administrators and executors in completing their obligations to an estate, including paying bills, filing tax forms, and other duties.
  • Fiduciary advisement and representation. We advise and represent fiduciaries, including executors and administrators of estates, trustees of testamentary trusts, guardians of minors, and conservators of incapacitated adults in matters before the commissioners of accounts.
  • Probate/probate litigation. If you die without a will or trust, or if your will or trust is contested, the probate process can become exceedingly complicated and expensive for those you leave behind. We guide families through the probate process and provide representation to heirs and beneficiaries in probate litigation.
  • Nomination of standby guardian. You can prepare for the custodial needs of your children should you become incapacitated by drafting a nomination of standby guardian in advance.

It’s Your Life; It’s Your Living Will

Our lawyers routinely field questions about living wills. Known within legal circles as “advance medical directives,” living wills are documents that place specific restrictions on health care, particularly at life’s end. If you prefer not to pursue extraordinary measures to prolong your life, a living will gives you the control you need to see that your preferences are honored. It may also relieve your loved ones of the responsibility of making difficult medical decisions on your behalf.

You may also have heard of something called a living trust. In a living trust, your assets — including your home, bank accounts and stocks — are put into a protected fund known as a trust. That trust is administered for your benefit during your lifetime, and then the assets are transferred to your beneficiaries when you die.

Learn More — Call Today For A Free Consultation

Contact our Amherst estate planning lawyers today for a free consultation. You may reach us at Shrader & Goad online or by calling 434-509-0226, 888-497-1184 toll free.

We will be happy to discuss advance medical directives, medical powers of attorney, living wills and trusts, and other options for controlling your assets and outcomes both during your life and after you die.

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